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Yerba Mate Tea

Undead Coffee

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Tea - Yerba Mate Tea

Vegetal, Herbal, and Grassy, similar to a green tea. Yerba Mate is cited to have numerous health benefits, including increased immune system strength, improved digestion, stress reduction, and stimulation of mental process.

Cultivated in South America from the "Ilex Paraguariensis" tree, the Yerba leaves are dried and crushed into a tea-like herb. 

Proper Release/Avoid Bitterness: Yerba Mate should be steeped in hot water, not boiling. By using a "hot steep", you are able to infuse the same leaves several times and still experience an excellent tea!

Some Argentinians will add Honey or Sugar to help sweeten the tea as well. 

Please note, our tea is sold loose-leaf only! 

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