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India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee

Undead Coffee

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Coffee - India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee

Medium Roast

Back in the 1600's, coffee beans traveled in cargo holds, sometimes for up to 6 months from India to Europe. The dark, damp conditions had an effect on the beans, swelling them up and giving them a yellowish tint before roasting. This resulted in a sweetly fermented brew with earthy and well-balanced flavors.

Fast forward to 2018, we don't have these struggles anymore. We have faster travel options such as planes. However, we like to make our coffee as authentic as possible. That's where "Monsooning" comes in. This is a 16-week, wet process method that recreates the conditions of the sea voyage our ancestors(and their coffee beans) took. At our medium roast, this coffee yields a top-grade brew and is known for its medium body, gentle tanginess, mellow flavor, and unforgettable aroma!  

Roasted per order and shipped in a heat-sealed valve bag to ensure your coffee is as fresh as possible.

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